Monday, August 14, 2017

Barista Powers: Demon Days

Context, yo.  Lucy Bellwood "started exploring a series of illustrated dialogues between" herself and "a small, obnoxious character who had a lot of big ideas about everything" Lucy "was supposedly doing wrong" in her life. 

"Sharing these illustrations induced a particular kind of catharsis: it turned out most everyone I knew was struggling with feelings of imposter syndrome and anxiety. Externalizing these conversations and giving them a humorous twist often enabled me to overcome my self-doubt and get on with the exciting business of Making Good Art—and it seemed to help other people do the same."

I am one of those people!  My own characters give me a hard time about my art, but now I also have someone else's character to give me a hard time!  Who doesn't love options?  I immediately imagined being interviewed by Lucy's demon.

Lucy liked my comic, which is intensely satisfying.  Nothing kicks that impostor anxiety into gear like using elements from another artist. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Postcards: A Whale

Hello!  I scheduled this one long enough ago I forgot that I never added text.  Adaptability is a good theme for this post.

I only taped three sides because I had intended not to color in above the waves.  Things went sideways pretty quickly.

You can see the waves are pink in the early shots, but eventually turn a cool grey; they are made with Matthias's mulberry ink.

I was unsure what to do here to cover up my borders going weird.  Jen suggested taped borders.

The silver ink I used on the whale stamp did not turn out at all how I wanted, so I cam back in with markers to recreate the details I wanted.  The linework popped the whale out from the water in an unfortunate manner; I had to add more linework to even things out.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Postcards: Robin House Dogfish

 You remember the previous post and that other previous post about Robin House?  Well I was at it again.  I was in my arting groove; I forgot all about process photos.